QA Strategic Plan


2020 - 2024

       As Nangarhar University is always making efforts to adopt international best practices, Developing Strategic Planning for the quality assurance unit is one of the important initiatives that will lead the institution to achieve the Institutional goals.  This quality assurance strategic plan for Nangarhar University sets certain targets that will help improve and assure the quality of the academic programs run by the university. Along with being supportive, Nangarhar University Top Management will fully to provide facilities for the implementation of the Quality Assurance Strategic Plan. Top Management of the University, faculties, administrative staff and students are obliged respect and to meet the requirements of the strategic plan of the quality assurance unit.

      As a note consideration, I am grateful of the efforts made by the committed and professional team of quality Assurance unit for developing a all-sided Strategic Plan for the Quality Assurance Committees for the enhancement and assurance of all the programs throughout the institutions.

       Besides, support provided by international organizations and projects (Erasmus+ EQASA) highly appreciable that has made our Quality Assurance Unit equip and able to carry Quality Enhancement and Assurance activities with great efficiency. It will not only improve the process and procedures of Quality Assurance of Institutions but also support Nangarhar University to adopt international practice and be recognized locally and nationally.



Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal

Chancellor of Nangarhar University

Strategic Vision and Mission Statement of Nangarhar University:


Brief History

Nangarhar University is established on Sunday 13, October 1963 based on the national developing policy of the government in the education sector within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education having only one Academic Program in Medical Faculty 1963. After 57 existance, Nangarhar University has developed and launched 62 under graduate, graduate and post graduate academic programs. The programs are run by 490 Faculties supported by 181 Administrative and 280 Services Staff. Nangarhar University is proud for graduating more than 34000 students who are leading institutions and organizations in the country. It is a matter of pride that the Ministry of Higher Education has declared Nangarhar University countrywide to Establish Ph.D Degree Program in Islamic Studies.



Nangarhar University aims to gain national academic reputation and accreditation having qualified and skilled professionals, multiple academic programs, adequate learning environment and academic services, and international partnerships/affiliations.



Nangarhar University is proud to provide quality and professional academic services in various disciplines to the youth of country making them play a vital role in solving current concerns/problems of the country.



Shared Values


  • Striving to facilitating a pure Academic Environment
  • Keeping Islamic, cultural, ethnic, and patriotic Principles in mind, educating the last person of the nation
  • Setting examples for the regional institutions


Vision of Internal Quality Assurance Unit:

Through practicing quality culture, improve academic services of Nangarhar University to become a nationally reputable and accredited institution.


Misioin of Internal Quality Assurance Unit:

  • Through standardizing and promoting quality assurance culture, contribute in the regional and national success of Nangarhar University.